Looking to join a local ECE organization? By joining the Children’s Harbor – Membership Program, you can meet CDA requirements, access
valuable support, receive training discounts, network with other ECE professionals and so much more!

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Membership with Children’s Harbor offers a variety of valuable benefits:

  • Numerous FREE & Discounted ECE Workshops—Staff Boot Camps, Director’s Forums, On-Site Solutions, Provider Training Series & More!
  • $50 Member Discount off of any booking of an On-Site Training Solution— where you customize your session(s) and we bring the trainer(s) and materials to you!
  • Discounted rate at “Raising the Bar” – a local annual ECE conference!
  • Emergency Voucher Program access (Child Care Tuition Assistance)— Have a family in crisis? You may be able to help them seek an emergency voucher for up to 2-weeks of tuition assistance (copays, surcharges, and summer fees may also be covered).
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How to Become a Member?

Our Membership is designed to be affordable and attainable. For as little as $20 a year, you can join a network of other dedicated ECE professionals and gain countless valuable resources. Join now and let your savings begin!

If you are a parent, a student, a child care provider, or an early child care center, you can make your selection and complete the membership form today! Simply click your membership choice and follow directions for payment instructions.

Parent Student Membership—$20.00 Individual Provider Membership—$25.00 Individual Provider Membership (Day Home)—$20.00 Center / Organization Membership—$60.00

Once your Membership is processed, you will receive a membership card.

Note: if you are a family home provider already enrolled in our Health and Nutrition Program (formerly USDA-CACFP), you receive a complimentary membership!

We look forward to working with you!