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Tips For Parents: Phonological Awareness/Print Knowledge

Reading aloud is an enjoyable and interesting experience for children. It is the most important way parents can help their children learn to read. Daily, parents need to set aside 15 – 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to share books with their child.

Keep in mind that writing is an integral part of reading. Children pretend to write and then read what they have written. Just by reading, writing must become part of the child’s daily routine. At home, you can provide opportunities for your child to:

  • Receive and give books as birthday and holiday presents
  • Care for books on a designated bookshelf
  • See family members reading and caring for books and magazines
  • Obtain a library card
  • Hear their favorite stories over and over again
  • “Pretend” to read
  • Write words and letters
  • Receive notes from you and others
  • Send thank you notes to you and others
  • Use a variety of writing implements
  • Use magnetic letters
  • See his/her name in print

While reading a story:

  • Sit close to your child
  • Allow ample time for your child to look at and talk about the pictures.
  • Ask questions so your child is able to predict upcoming events in the story.
  • Let your child touch the pictures and pretend to read the words.
  • Ask questions about the pictures. Discuss the colors, shapes, and events.

After reading a story:

  • Go back to the beginning of the story and let your child turn the pages and discuss the story.
  • Use puppets and help your child recreate the story.
  • Help your child compare the story’s situations to his/her own experiences.
  • Encourage your child to draw pictures of his/her favorite part or favorite character.
  • Be prepared to read the story again and again.
  • Put the book on a shelf designated for books.


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