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Tips For Parents: Cognition

Children learn by constructing their own understanding of concepts as they interact and work with materials, people, events, and ideas. At home, you can provide opportunities for your child to:

  • Complete puzzles and build with blocks
  • Sort toys by function, size, shape, and color
  • Learn his/her body parts by playing “Simon Says”
  • Play dominoes and other matching games like “Go Fish” and “Old Maid”
  • Develop visual memory skills by playing games like “Concentration”
  • Practice sequence skills by organizing pictures into what happened first, next, and last
  • Learn color names by using color words to describe articles of clothing, toys, and household items
  • Create structures using glue and fabric scraps, paper towel tubes, yarn, and toothpaste boxes
  • Sort the laundry by color

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