Ages & Stages: Your One Year Old

Your typical one year old is a treasure and a joy. He tends to be an extremely lovable little person— friendly, sociable, and amenable. Most one year olds seem to adapt rather easily to whatever it is the adult has in mind.

She loves to have you play with her, and she usually does her best to please you. He will cuddle and kiss and tends to like other people. On request, she will proudly show you her eyes, nose, mouth, fingers, and toes. He is so excited about what he knows and what he can do!

BUT! they do not necessarily become easier to live with. As the months between their first and second birthdays pass by, the negative parts of personality begin to show. They say “no” before “yes”; throw things before they become interested in picking them up; run away from you before you are able to ask them to come here. In fact, much of your child’s effort seems to be devoted to building up her own independent way of doing things . . . and most of the time that way is the exact opposite of what you have in mind!

Passing the twelve-month mark and graduating from infancy does not imply that your child will start to settle down. On the contrary, she seems eager to exercise her new skills and powers. He becomes demanding and has his own timetable. While being dressed, your compliant baby now struggles and may need to be held bodily. She wants to hold and carry something in each hand, or may want to be carried herself.

Adults notice a wave of increasing egocentricity, “demandingness”, and opposition. Daily routines become battle grounds. This wave crests around eighteen months and is followed by a somewhat calmer six month period.

Overall, you will find your one year old’s increasing abilities a source of pleasure and pride, even though the negative side of his personality will be challenging. This is a time when you will need all the ingenuity and resilience you can muster!