Tips For Parents: Number Concepts

The development of number concepts – classifying, ordering, counting, and time and space relationships – is directly related to the child’s ability to perform mathematical tasks. It is important that children feel confident when dealing with number tasks. At home, you can provide opportunities for your child to:

  • Go to the grocery store, select items, pay the cashier, and put away the groceries at home
  • Compare objects regarding more than, less than, and equal to
  • Compare objects regarding big, bigger, biggest and small, smaller, smallest
  • Count items such as toys, household items, and personal items
  • Recognize shapes in his/her daily environment
  • Add and subtract numbers using marbles, chips, M & M’s, and Cheerios
  • Set the table so s/he can practice counting objects around the house
  • Learn about time. Make a clock and set the hands to the time an event happens (dinner). Let your child tell you when this time is indicated on an actual clock.
  • Talk about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Give your child a calendar and help him/her cross off the days. Put stickers on special days and count how many days until that special day occurs.
  • Discuss morning, afternoon, and evening. Make a chart and use pictures and words to indicate what happens at these times of the day. Let your child attach the pictures next to the words.