Ages & Stages: Your Six and Seven Year Old

Six year olds are complex and intriguing individuals. This is the age when the child leans towards maturity, adventure, and more independence. It can be frustrating for the parents because it is also a year when the child needs all the help he can get. This opposition classically characterizes the six year old. It is a state of indecisiveness and often times the child finds herself unable to choose. One specific example is the relationship the six year old has with his mother. The child both adores and blames her for everything and anything. These contradictions provide a very challenging year for parents.

As the child reaches seven, the stubbornness of the six year old decreases. Enthusiasm and intellectual exploration replace this “trying” trait. New accomplishments, ideas, and discoveries are treated with excessive joy. Seven year olds are not all bliss, however. They can be silent, withdrawn, and love to complain.