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Our developmental approach to early childhood education acknowledges that as a child grows, behavioral changes accompany physical changes. This approach also recognizes the individual growth patterns of each child.

TIPS FOR PARENTS Your child’s success as a lifelong learner depends on many factors. Research has shown that the amount of time a child is read to at home; and the level of parental involvement are two of the most important factors contributing to your child’s accomplishments. Keep in mind that you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Right from birth, your child listens to you and watches your every movement. By imitating your words and actions, your child learns language and number concepts, and develops social, emotional, and physical skills. Each day, your child learns as you talk, play, and work together. There are some things you can do at home that will reinforce the concepts your child is learning at Children’s Harbor. Remember that children learn by doing. Information is more easily retained when children have had the opportunity to use all of their senses and manipulate the materials during the learning process.